Lefty Cards: InTurner Ep.2 Summary


Refresher on who "InTurner" is

InTurner, or Turner Shouse, is relatively new to the card hobby when it comes to investing and making money in general when it comes to sports cards. About a year ago, he contacted Lefty for advice, and they hit the ground running together, having numerous conversations about specific card plays. Lefty wants to shine a light on the journey Turner is taking through the hobby and his mindset regarding investments and transactions. 


Lefty and Turner's Text Threads

Each episode revolves around different conversations Lefty and Turner have about the sports card hobby to get their insights about different card plays.


Text 1:"

"Is LeBron a good investment right now?"

  • Turner breaks down multiple markers/reasons to invest in LeBron. 
  • Those reasons are:
  1. LeBron wants to do whatever it takes to play with his son Bronny, even if that means moving teams.
  2. LeBron could enter free agency this summer if he does not sign back with the Lakers by June 29. His years in the NBA are limited, and when he retires, his card prices could go up.
  • Lefty breaks down his prediction that LeBron could be a GM or part owner of a team when he retires, possibly with an expansion team like Las Vegas.
  • Lefty goes onto Market Movers to show how there are 44 LeBron James rookie cards. 
  • LeBron is a good investment, but so many cards make it harder to view what is worth investing in or not. Bronny James, on the other hand, has fewer cards, which makes it easier to view what is worth investing in. 


Text 2"

"Do you think Deyvison De Los Santos gets the call-up this year"?"

  • Lefty breaks down De Los Santos 2023 Bowman Chrome 1st Prospect Autographed Cards on Market Movers, showing the average price for the ungraded cards being $45 and the PSA 10 cards averaging $137 in the past 30 days.
  • Lefty shows how De Los Santos cards are very obtainable. He compares his cards to Coby Mayo and Dru Jones's raw autographed cards. Mayo's raw autos are averaging around $105, and Jones's are averaging around $170.
  • Lefty responded to Turner's question" "Probably, but I hope he makes the top 100 updated list before the "Call up." If he makes those lists, then his prices will rise.
  • Lefty asks about Turner's thought process with investing in these Bowman Chrome cards.
  • He first looks at the price. If the autos range from $50 to $75, he will look to buy them. The goal is to get a percentage off and possibly negotiate. If the autos go for more than that, he sticks to the base, mojo, and lunar glow cards.
  • He then looks at the quality of the card. The end game is to grade the cards and make a profit, so the cards have to be in good shape.


Text 3:

"If you haven't been paying attention, the 2018 World Cup Messi cards are going for around $60-$65."

  • Turner acknowledges that Lefty's recommendation to buy these cards has more of an opportunity to profit.
  • Turner opens a package of a 2018 Prizm World Cup PSA 10 Messi card on the podcast.
  • Turner explains that he invested in this card because of the hype revolving around this set because Kylian Mbappe's rookie card is also in this set.
  • Lefty breaks down how there are many selling markers for Messi in the next couple of years.
  • Lefty puts down a bid on a 2018 Prizm World Cup PSA 10 Messi card. 


Text 4:

"You get a free pass to the national?"

  • Turner wanted to attend the 2024 National Sports Card Convention and collaborate with the No Offseason crew.
  • Lefty advised him to talk to Paul Hickey. After multiple emails, Paul agreed to let Turner come as an intern. 
  • This will be Turner's first significant card show outside the local card shows.
  • Lefty emphasizes this because Turner took a leap of faith and talked to Paul because he wanted an opportunity to "get "in the room."


InTurner's Question of the Week

A new segment Lefty is implementing is having Turner ask a question he would possibly ask over text. Lefty does not know the question each week, so it is basically raw talk between the two. The question this episode was:


"When prospecting baseball players and their cards, how much do you diversify your portfolio?"

  • Lefty breaks down how he has tried both sides of the equation, from putting all his eggs in one basket to over-diversifying his portfolio. 
  • He shows how he has found a healthy medium, investing in multiple prospects but not too many.
  • These prospects are Deyvison De Los Santos, Carson Williams, Walker Jenkins, Sebastian Walcott, James Wood, Samuel Basallo, Paul Skenes, Ethan Salas, and possibly re-buying Jackson Holliday and Wyatt Langford.